Our report from Bellway’s 2023 AGM

On Friday 15th December 2023, two members of our team, both leaseholders in Bellway buildings, went to Bellway’s AGM in Newcastle. We would like to thank ShareAction for their support in arranging attendance.

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Our Meeting with Galliard Homes – December 2023

On 13th December, we met with Galliard Homes to discuss the company’s building safety remediation programme. Galliard is the largest privately-owned residential developer in London and describes itself as a “mid-sized, family-run company.” In terms of the total number of relevant buildings (over 11 metres in height) in scope of the Developer Remediation Contract, it is the 11th largest company in the scheme.

We spoke with Gary Conway, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer; Lauren Taylor, Head of Litigation & Building Safety; Sukie Dhillon, Technical Manager; and Julian Harper-Brown, Director of the Group’s in-house managing agent, PMM Limited. 

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Our Meeting with Redrow – December 2023

After recently attending Redrow’s 2023 AGM, we arranged a follow-up meeting on 5th December to discuss the company’s building safety remediation programme in more depth. We met with Tim Stone, Regional Chief Executive with accountability for building safety, and Richard Keogh, Special Projects Director with day-to-day responsibility for the remediation programme.

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Our report from Redrow’s 2023 AGM

As we near the end of 2023, six-and-a-half years after Grenfell, there are still an estimated 10,000 buildings with unremediated fire safety defects across the country. As these years have passed, there has been too little action, at the scale needed, to make our homes safe. If this were any other product with life-critical safety defects, customers would have received a replacement or full refund, perhaps even compensation. Yet when it comes to our homes, we have had to wait several years for the Government and construction industry to agree who should pay to make them safe. 

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Our Meeting with Barratt – November 2023

After we recently attended Barratt’s 2023 AGM, we arranged a follow-up meeting to discuss their building safety remediation programme in more depth.

We met with David Thomas, Barratt’s Group CEO; Brian Lochead, Director of Barratt’s Building Safety Unit; and Tim Collins, Group Public Affairs Director. Four EOCS campaigners joined the meeting, including two leaseholders from Barratt buildings in Woolwich and Wimbledon, which helped to illustrate some of the broader issues with specific practical examples.

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Our report from Barratt’s 2023 AGM

It’s almost two years since Michael Gove announced a “reset” of the Government’s approach to the building safety crisis, with a principle of “protecting leaseholders and making industry pay” – but there is still a very long way to go until most leaseholders can get their lives back. We will be engaging directly with several key developers in the coming months, to urge them to make homes safe at the pace leaseholders and residents need and deserve, while ensuring leaseholders are not left with liability for any other costs.

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End Our Cladding Scandal Manifesto

Everyone deserves a safe home in which to live, work, care for our families and make plans for our future. A safe home is the foundation for building a life in which we can all fulfil our potential.

Yet more than six years after the Grenfell tragedy, hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in unsafe and unsellable flats.

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Berkeley Group’s 2023 AGM and our follow-up meeting

Thanks to the kind support of ShareAction, a leaseholder affected by the building safety crisis attended Berkeley Group’s AGM on 8th September to question the Board on behalf of our campaign, and this was followed by a meeting on 13th October, to discuss the issues raised in more depth.

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