Redrow agrees to fund remediation at Celestia

Redrow has written to the volunteer directors of the Celestia complex in Cardiff, finally offering to undertake remediation works there at its own expense. The estimated date for work to begin is “early 2025” – approaching two years since the Welsh Government confirmed that Redrow had signed the Deed of Bilateral Contract.

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Our report from Crest Nicholson’s 2024 AGM

On 19th March 2024, we attended Crest Nicholson’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at their offices in Surrey, to ask the board of directors about their progress remediating unsafe buildings. We attended as ShareAction’s shareholder representative and would like to thank them for their ongoing support for our campaign.

Unfortunately, the encounter did not leave us assured that Crest Nicholson are acting with urgency to fix buildings, or that the company understands the enormous impact on leaseholders and residents living in their unsafe homes. 

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Developer update: Fairview, Avant, Vistry, Crest Nicholson and Lendlease

At the time of writing, 55 developers have signed the developer remediation contract and over the last few months, we have asked several participant developers to meet with us to discuss the progress of their remediation programme. As Michael Gove noted in his recent tweet, we are engaging with the Secretary of State and his Department to share feedback about companies that are delaying making homes safe and any significant concerns for leaseholders and residents. 

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Our Meeting with Telford Homes – January 2024

On 25th January, we met with Telford Homes to discuss the company’s building safety remediation programme. The London-centric developer has 148 relevant buildings (over 11 metres in height) and around 15,000 homes in its portfolio, ranking it as the 7th largest to sign the Government’s developer contract in terms of the volume of buildings in scope.

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Our report from Bellway’s 2023 AGM

On Friday 15th December 2023, two members of our team, both leaseholders in Bellway buildings, went to Bellway’s AGM in Newcastle. We would like to thank ShareAction for their support in arranging attendance.

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Our Meeting with Redrow – December 2023

After recently attending Redrow’s 2023 AGM, we arranged a follow-up meeting on 5th December to discuss the company’s building safety remediation programme in more depth. We met with Tim Stone, Regional Chief Executive with accountability for building safety, and Richard Keogh, Special Projects Director with day-to-day responsibility for the remediation programme.

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Our report from Redrow’s 2023 AGM

As we near the end of 2023, six-and-a-half years after Grenfell, there are still an estimated 10,000 buildings with unremediated fire safety defects across the country. As these years have passed, there has been too little action, at the scale needed, to make our homes safe. If this were any other product with life-critical safety defects, customers would have received a replacement or full refund, perhaps even compensation. Yet when it comes to our homes, we have had to wait several years for the Government and construction industry to agree who should pay to make them safe. 

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Where to get support to resolve your building safety issues

Are you a leaseholder stuck in the building safety crisis and wondering where to turn? In this blogpost, we’ve pulled together a summary of the current resources that may help you. 

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Our meeting with Michael Gove

We met with Housing Secretary Michael Gove on 11th January – this was our fourth meeting with him since his September 2021 appointment and the first since his return to the role in late October 2022.

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