Our meeting with Aviva investors and Aviva insurance

We met with executives from Aviva Investors and Aviva Insurance on 6th July, to discuss in more depth the questions that we raised with Aviva’s board of directors at their recent Annual General Meeting. 

Our agenda was as follows:

1. Remediation at buildings owned by Aviva Investors

a) Aviva position in respect of buildings with no developer

b) Aviva position in respect of “non-qualifying” leaseholders in buildings over 11 metres (i.e. leaseholders with over 3 properties)

c) Aviva position in respect of buildings under 11 metres

d) [Redacted – a specific building in Manchester where homes have been uninhabitable for over a year]

2. Terms of building insurance cover provided by Aviva to existing and new customers

a) Buildings Insurance process discussion including proposed ABI Reinsurance Scheme and FCA Consultation CP23/8

b) Aviva insurance of under 11 metre buildings

Case studies were also provided in advance of the meeting, where Aviva had required remediation work beyond the recommendations of an expert fire risk assessment, as a condition of insurance cover.

Read the full report on our meeting with Aviva Investors and Aviva Insurance here

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