End Our Cladding Scandal Manifesto

Everyone deserves a safe home in which to live, work, care for our families and make plans for our future. A safe home is the foundation for building a life in which we can all fulfil our potential.

Yet more than six years after the Grenfell tragedy, hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in unsafe and unsellable flats.

Over 10,000 residential buildings across the country are still waiting for remediation of cladding and other critical building safety defects.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our government can take control and deliver a much fairer and faster end to the building safety crisis.

The next fire won’t wait, so we need to see much more action to make homes safe, much more quickly.

The good news is that the solutions are straightforward if there is the political will to end this crisis.

We look forward to continuing to engage with the government and all political parties to finally make our homes safe and end the building safety crisis for good.

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End Our Cladding Scandal

The End Our Cladding Scandal campaign calls on the Government to lead an urgent, national effort to fix the building safety crisis.

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