Our response to Budget Statement

The Chancellor had the chance today to ensure millions of leaseholders were rescued from our nightmare, but he blew his opportunity.

Chancellor Sunak has chosen to hang millions of innocent people out to dry; still forced to somehow find tens of thousands of pounds to fix serious fire safety issues for which they are blameless, with millions being pushed into Cladding Tax loans longer than our mortgages, lease terms and lifetimes.

Mr Sunak said he wants to “stand behind homebuyers” – these are only warm words spun to boost his brand. Where is the help for the hundreds of thousands of first-time buyers stuck in unsafe and valueless flats? Robert Jenrick has decided to rule innocent people out of any help and the Chancellor is now equally to blame.

Innocent victims of this building safety crisis, with the misfortune of living in a building below the arbitrary 18m height threshold for funding, still face bills running into tens of thousands of pounds for fire safety works far beyond cladding.

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Letter to Boris Johnson

As the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, has failed to deal with the building safety crisis fairly and now wants to force innocent victims to pay a “cladding tax”, we have written today to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking for a completely new approach – one that we have been recommending since we relaunched the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign: Letter to Boris Johnson

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Government fails to protect leaseholders in vote on Fire Safety Bill

Once again, on Wednesday 24th February 2021, actions spoke louder than words as Conservative MPs voted against an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill that would have provided legal protections for leaseholders. The proposed amendment would have prohibited remediation costs from being passed to leaseholders, who currently face life-changing costs to remediate unsafe cladding and other fire safety defects. The final vote was 345 ayes to 226 noes.

Fire Safety Bill Voting
Fire Safety Bill: motion to disagree to Lords Amendment 2
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I am a broker and a leaseholder: insurers and FCA must push for cladding crisis solution

Insurance Post invited a Birmingham leaseholder and insurance broker to give her insider perspective on the buildings insurance premium increases currently faced by leaseholders caught up in the building safety crisis.

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