Relief from exorbitant insurance costs needed urgently

For years leaseholders have been facing issues with the opaque residential building insurance regime – whether the cartel-like behaviour of the insurers, clear conflicts of interest and secretive commission arrangements between freeholders, brokers, managing agents and insurers or the simple fact that we have no ability to influence the selection of the insurer and no redress once exorbitant premiums are forced onto us.

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Additional £27m to fund alarms in buildings with Waking Watch

We welcome the news that there will be an additional £27m to fund alarms in buildings where a Waking Watch is in place, and that funding is finally to be extended to help innocent leaseholders in buildings below 18m and with non-cladding defects.

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Meeting with Lord Greenhalgh and MHCLG

On Monday 1st March, End Our Cladding Scandal campaigners had a meeting with Lord Greenhalgh and officials from the MHCLG building safety team.

As you can imagine, we had a packed agenda, with many questions. Unfortunately, we didn’t get many clear answers. Below are the key points from our meeting. We have requested minutes from the meeting for us to be able to properly track the actions; these are still awaited. One of our main frustrations relating to the meetings we’ve had with the MHCLG civil servants is that we have been promised documented actions for over six months, but these have not been forthcoming.

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