HCLG Committee questions Lord Greenhalgh on forced loans and non-cladding costs

When Lord Greenhalgh (Minister for Building Safety) and Richard Goodman (Director-General for Building Safety at MHCLG) appeared before the HCLG Committee on 8th March, it was already 1,363 days since the Grenfell tragedy. Forty-five months. Almost four years. Yet there was still no sign of urgency in solving the building safety crisis for the thousands of leaseholders who remain trapped.

Leaseholders frequently tell us they have heard nothing since their building applied to the Building Safety Fund last summer. When asked why the pace of non-ACM remediation funding has been so slow (only £160m of the £1bn fund has been allocated so far), Lord Greenhalgh said the delays were due to applicants, as information is missing or insufficient in about half of all registrations.

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Meeting with Lord Greenhalgh and MHCLG

On Monday 1st March, End Our Cladding Scandal campaigners had a meeting with Lord Greenhalgh and officials from the MHCLG building safety team.

As you can imagine, we had a packed agenda, with many questions. Unfortunately, we didn’t get many clear answers. Below are the key points from our meeting. We have requested minutes from the meeting for us to be able to properly track the actions; these are still awaited. One of our main frustrations relating to the meetings we’ve had with the MHCLG civil servants is that we have been promised documented actions for over six months, but these have not been forthcoming.

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