Our survey shows little has changed for leaseholders one year after the Building Safety Act

One year after the Government brought in new legislation to protect leaseholders from costs, our survey shows that little has changed on the ground for the majority of us impacted by the building safety crisis. We are still trapped in unsafe homes, still unable to sell, still with no idea when this nightmare will end.

The goal of the survey was twofold: to capture a snapshot of where leaseholders now stand in respect of the Government’s leaseholder protections, and to gather information on the voting intentions of leaseholders impacted by the building safety crisis.

Our survey shows that the vast majority of the almost 800 leaseholders surveyed are still trapped, either because they are still living in an unsafe building not knowing when remediation will start, or because they are unable to sell or remortgage.

Over half of those surveyed said that their building is over 18m, with almost a third reporting a building height of 11-18m.

Most leaseholders have not even tried to sell or remortgage because the mortgage lending and valuation process for cladding-affected flats is not fit for purpose.

The overwhelming majority of leaseholders surveyed who have tried to remortgage or sell have been unable to do so.

Over 60% of leaseholders reported that building safety issues have cost them more than £2,500 to date, with 11% of leaseholders surveyed reporting having spent more than £10,000.

Our survey also shows that the building safety crisis has influenced the voting intentions of leaseholders, with 36% saying the crisis has changed the way they will vote at the next election.

When asked if the current national government had helped to resolve their building safety issues, 69% of those surveyed gave the Government a score of 4 or lower on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the lowest score).

Leaseholders are also unsure what opposition parties would do to solve the building safety crisis, with only 11% of those surveyed saying they know what the Labour Party’s plans are, while only 5% know the Liberal Democrats’ plans.

You can see more results from our survey here: EOCS Leaseholder Survey 2023

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