Conservative MPs vote against Fire Safety Bill amendment

Last night Conservative MPs voted to remove an amendment to the Fire Safety Bill that would have protected leaseholders from the cost of replacing dangerous cladding. The amendment was rejected 322 to 253.

Official End Our Cladding Scandal Response to March 22nd Fire Safety Bill Vote

The issues at the heart of the building safety crisis are very simple – they are of fairness and of political choice: will leaseholders be protected from ruinous costs to fix a scandal not of their making? Ministers and two Prime Ministers have promised countless times that leaseholders should not pay for shoddy construction work, corporate malfeasance and botched government interventions. This evening they broke that promise by voting against an amendment that would protect us in law. They failed to listen to common sense and the moral arguments set out by the Lords. We are disappointed – and we are angry.

However, politicians across the political divide, including many Conservative MPs, have recognised the devastating effect this crisis is having on millions of people across the UK and today they voted to help us; we are truly grateful for this. They recognise how this scandal is pushing many to the brink – financially and mentally – as well as paralysing huge chunks of the housing market. We now call on the Lords to continue their heroic fight for the innocent people trapped in this scandal – and for the government to finally step up and protect the people it is meant to serve, as finally and fairly resolving this issue is clearly in the national interest. We won’t stop fighting until we have justice.’

The End Our Cladding Scandal campaign calls on the Government to lead an urgent, national effort to fix the building safety crisis.

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