Best Consumer Campaign at the SMK National Campaigner Awards 2023

We are delighted to announce that End Our Cladding Scandal has won the Best Consumer Campaign award at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation’s National Campaigner Awards 2023.

Our campaign is powered by a community of thousands of affected leaseholders across the country and this award honours every single “Cladiator” who is fighting back against the injustice of the building safety crisis. Huge thanks to all our volunteers and supporters for your continued determination and persistence.

The campaign has made real progress, but the crisis is far from over and there is so much more to do.

After collecting the award on behalf of affected leaseholders across the country, Timea Szabo, a shared ownership leaseholder in a building with safety defects in London, said,

“The Grenfell tragedy exposed a system that is too weak to ensure that buildings are safe for people to call home. The national building safety scandal has brought leaseholders together from all corners of the country and all walks of life. None of us had any prior experience of campaigning, but we are committed and determined and have been able to apply enough pressure on the Government to effect change.

“The next phase is for the Government to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution, with an assurance of full funding for remediation of defects, to finally release families from the financial and physical traps that our homes have become.

“The Government cannot continue to exclude non-qualifying leaseholders, who have no protections at all. Even those who qualify for some level of protection can still find that the costs they face are utterly life-changing. Policies also need to take particular account of shared owners, who bought homes through government-backed schemes designed for those on lower incomes and are now trapped with high costs.

“We shouldn’t have to bear the weight of putting regulatory and industry failures right, but together leaseholders will continue to hold government and industry to account and keep pushing for a resolution for all.”

The awards event was a great opportunity to meet others who are campaigning for justice and change. It was inspirational for us to hear their stories and learn from their campaigns – and to remind ourselves that we are not alone on this challenging journey.

You can watch the Best Consumer Campaign award highlights here and learn more about all the nominated campaigns on SMK’s website.

Thank you to the organisers, judges and sponsors of the National Campaigner Awards, including the sponsor of the Best Consumer Campaign award, Which?.

End Our Cladding Scandal

The End Our Cladding Scandal campaign calls on the Government to lead an urgent, national effort to fix the building safety crisis.

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