Disabled residents affected by the building safety crisis face additional issues and may need extra support.

If you are a disabled resident affected by the cladding and building safety crisis, please check out Claddag, the Leaseholder Disability Action Group to connect with others in a similar situation and for information about Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) and other issues.

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See also:

Gove pledges to deliver on personal evacuation plans for disabled people (Inside Housing, 7 July 2023)

Claddag granted permission to apply for judicial review on peeps (Disability Rights UK 21 September 2022)

Disabled duo launch legal challenge to government’s ‘outrageous’ Grenfell move (Disability News Service, 16 June 2022)


The End Our Cladding Scandal campaign calls on the Government to lead an urgent, national effort to fix the building safety crisis.

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