Urgent Call to Action!

1. Support our campaign by sharing your story with us so we can drill down to relevant areas that we feel need to be highlighted in the media. Please use the link below to complete our Media Request Form:

2. Are you a ‘non-qualifying’ leaseholder? If so, we strongly recommend that you join the dedicated Facebook group that has been set up to campaign on behalf of leaseholders excluded from protections under the Building Safety Act.

3. Are you trying to sell or remortgage? James, a fellow leaseholder who has been caught up in the building safety crisis, is crowdsourcing information on leasehold mortgages. Please submit your story to his site, as this will help to create a useful resource for anyone who is attempting to sell or remortgage. The insights will also help to inform our discussions with government officials and other stakeholders, so we can push for more action to open up the market and help leaseholders move on with their lives.